International Media Arts Film Festival & Awards is a multinational film festival and Awards Ceremony with participants and Representatives from all over the world.
International Media Arts Film Fest & Awards
( I.M.A.F.F.A ) opens its doors to film enthusiasts, movie makers, fans and students alike who want to get their start in the industry by meeting and connecting with industry professionals.

We offer the chance to INDIPEDENT AND STUDENT FILM MAKERS to meet and connect with INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS so that they exchange ideas and collaborate in a highly creative and inspiring atmosphere. We bring filmmakers from all over the world under one setting to showcase,accredit,congratulate and celebrate the art of story telling and film making.

We enlighten, and entertain through movie screening and performances from artists from all over the world. I.M.A.F.FA has the objective of creating awareness through the projection of Independent and block buster films. Connecting the film makers to international distribution companies and agencies to enable them earn from there films.

Connecting student film makers to international Talent recruiting individuals,companies and agencies.We welcome submissions from a range of genres including short films, documentaries, features, animations and screenplays.

We at the International Media Arts Film Festival & awards recognize and spotlight all the craftsmanship that goes into creating a film. We prove to be very valuable for professionals and student film makers trying to build careers in fields where some are still terribly under represented.