Post-Covid 19 treatment

The sudden appearance of the coronavirus caught the world by surprise. Many factors are still unknown, and researchers are finding out new things about it every day.However, its impact on several aspects of society can already be felt………………Different approaches have been put in place to fully combat this deadly epidemic, de to the fact that Some heal and others don’t, to date we still do not know whether appropriate treatment has been found. Are you aware of creative arts being highly valued because they are often visually and mentally stimulating, for many, they capture the imagination; however, they may be used for more than just casual enjoyment. Therapists also use creativity, in the form of art and music therapy for the professional treatment of certain disorders and health conditions. Other forms of creative arts therapy include dance, poetry and creative writing, photos, and bibliotherapy. The arts are used to successfully aid people of all ages with conditions that may include depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, pediatric trauma, autism, and even heart disease. It is used in schools, hospitals, wellness and senior centers, private practices, and other settings where counseling or medical care is provided. Post-Corona Treatment

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